Delphi source code of a web browser

I am looking for a Delphi component that displays HTML and supports the HTML5 which is the new structure of HTML coding.
There are a couple of requirements that I expect from the component:
•      It should display the HTML on a canvas object, or allow to override that and code a self displayed coding.
•      It should include full source code, not an ActiveX or COM object, such as the one already included in Delphi versions, while that one uses the IE.
If you know of such object please let me know.
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Eddie ShipmanConnect With a Mentor All-around developerCommented:
Try this one, I know they were Delphi code but I don't know if they have been updated for later versions of HTML.
 I can honestly say that I have never seen a web browser written in Delphi source code, let alone one that handles HTML 5.  Most Delphi developers will use the TWebBrowser or embed one of the alternatives.

  I should add that your requirement of displaying the HTML on a canvas object may not be the best route to go.  Most browser users require the ability to highlight some of the web page to allow copying text from the contents of the page.  While not impossible from a TCanvas it would require a great deal more work.

I just thought you would like the input.
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
Well, it looks like it only supports 3.2 and some 4.0 features. I don't think there are ANY Delphi controls that do HTML5 because it is so new.

Can I ask exactly why the exact specification of HTML 5?
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amitbuenoAuthor Commented:
Hi Eddie,.

Ye,. Well, as far as I read themarket and due to the fact that many products and sites start supporting that, I would like to write something updated.

I got this conceptin my head of writing a browser using delphi objects, due to the fact that there are many objects that supports tcp/ip, and plenty of ones that support the graphics of display cards today. I thought of writing something in opengl to display the html... so writing the html on standard canvas object is a start.

Do you think there is a third party object that I can pay for and purchase to do that task of displaying html5?
Where should I start looking for such object?

btw: I didn't fully tested the link you gave, I just installed it and ran the demo which displays standard html with an animated gif... so I didn't, yet, concluded whether to use that object or abandon it for a more updated one.
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
Well, you could purchase the PBear HTMLViewer control with source and modify it to support HTML5, although it may take a while.

I do not think there are any ActiveX or Delphi controls that support that as of this time because it is so new. You *do* live in the Delphi world, correct? It takes a while to catch up to everyone else. ;-)

Now, I do know that you can host the Mozilla engine in a Delphi app, similar to the way you would use TWebBrowser.

See these links:

amitbuenoAuthor Commented:
doesn't work properly under delphi 2009
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