What will happen if I delete the WSUS Server?

I have tried all of the following and none of these fixes will run on my server, I continue to get errors. I use this server for Eail collection of POP3 and file storage.  What is the harm in deleting the WSUS folder?  I cannot get my email (three days now) and none of the following have worked.

WSUS Utility= commands not recognized on the command line. Is it possible to have WSUS running with out the WSUS Utility 3.0 installed?

Stop the service and move via the SQL commands.  These commands return an error on my server.  I tried to install the sql tool box but received an error that it will not run on SBS 2003 R2.

None of the command line or other fixes are even recognized by my machine nd I need to get to my email.  I am in the process of installing a new server (2008 SBS Premium) but now have to wait for the OS to arrive.

Is the WSUS really necessary?
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fasteddie565Author Commented:
Actually, I meant the WSUS Folder
B HCommented:
what does the wsus folder have to do with you getting email?  disk full?

if you whack the wsus folder, your wsus server would have to download all the updates all over again... but if it's broken and unusable, and you're about to install a new server anyway, yes whack away it won't hurt

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fasteddie565Author Commented:

Yes, I need 200 mb and only have 60mb.  I have discovered how to use the the wsusutil but have only moved a folder, the data is still in place.  I am currently running the deleteunneededrevisions to reduce the size.
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fasteddie565Author Commented:
I created a WSUScontent folder in the new location but I used the -skipcopy and didnt move any data.  Can I just move the files?  deleteunneededrevisions is still running.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Have reviewed this link to free up space on your system:
http://www.lwcomputing.com/tips/static/bootdrivesize.asp ?
fasteddie565Author Commented:

Thanks, the link showed me what I just learned is that I need to CD to the folder that holds the wsusutil.exe file to get it to work.  (have not used the command line in a while) I am curently running deleteunneededrevisions from the wsusutil right now (Takes a while).  I think I can use your link even if my current attempt works.

fasteddie565Author Commented:
I tried for months to get an answer that would solve these issues.  While I ultimately need to move the entire folder, I received the level of detail that other posts did not provide.
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