Memory Choice for system based on Intel i5-750

I am planning to build a system based on i5-750. My component list so far is:

Video Card      ASUS      EAH5970/G/2DIS/2GD5/A (requires one PCI Xpress 2.1 x 16 slot
Motherboard      ASUS      P7P55D Deluxe
Processor      Intel      i5-750 (socket LGA1156, P55 chipset)
Processor Cooling      Noctua       NH-U12P SE2 Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler
Case      CoolerMaster      HAF 932
Harddrive      WD      3.5" Velocyraptor 300GB SATA Drive
Harddrive      OCZ      OCZ COLOSSUS LT SERIES SATA II 3.5" SSD 120GB
Power Supply      FSP      Everest Pro 1200W
DVD reader/writer      Samsung      Samsung SH-S223Q

I am a little bit confused regarding what memory i can use with the above motherboard and processor. The motherboard specs support up to 16GB memory with 2200Hz frequency. I read the processor supports up to 1333Hz in dual channel mode.

What does this practically mean? Can i add 4 x 4GB Dims and have the processor take advantage of them? I also looked a little bit around for 4GB Dims in order to consider having 2 X 4 GB Dims but i couldnt find any on online shops. I want to have minimum 8GB Memory. Can i use the quad kit i kind of selected above? What would be the frequency of memory i should be looking at? I read somewhere that i shouldn't use more than 1333Hz memory for i5-750 processors.

Looking forward to some clarifications. Also any comments regarding the hardware i selected in general is most welcome.
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I really don't understand why you would go for 1156 with that amount of money. Go for 1366 and an i7 processor or even i9 instead. Since you are going to use NH-U12P heat sink, that mean you tend to OCing, then as an ocer's advice, get E5620 or  E5520. E5620 is on 32nm process which means it will overclock better and run cooler than i5 750, worth your money more than i5 750. And almost all X58 mother board have 6 Ram Slots and can run Tripple Channel mode. This way you don't have to worry about 8GB matter.
And one more thing. If you buy  OCZ COLOSSUS LT SERIES SATA II 3.5" SSD 120GB then no need for the 300GB Raptor. That SSD is for your OS and programs, in normal use you can not  see the difference between raptor and other cheaper HDDs, so go for a 7200rpm hard disk with higher capacity.
totopsgr8Author Commented:
Dear Arabia vn

Thanks for your response. I was reading that the performance of i5-750 is quite close to the processors that cost almost 5 times more. Thats why i selected it. I agree with you that it is an expensive system already, but i thought so far than saving some money on the processor will not affect too much the performance. Also i will probably revise my velocyraptor requirement and go with a normal HD possibly a Caviar.

For the cpu (and unavoidably the motherboard) i might reconsider given the advice. Still though can i have 8GB Memory running with i5-750 on this motherboard or not? and in what frequency?

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If you really need lots of memory, take a i7 on LGA1366, like Arabia_vn said. It's more expensive (the motherboards especially), but you'll have 12GB from 2GB sticks. The bigger 4GB sticks are not yet on the market.

If you don't overclock, you don't really need faster memory than the CPU-supported one. What to look for when buying memory is lower latency (CAS), but only if the price difference is not big.

You don't need that monster of a power supply, even with two video cards the system will not consume more than 600W. I have a similar system that idles at 70W and peaks at 300W. Any brand-name supply of at least 450W should be ok.

That velociraptor is not "noise-compatible" with the Noctua CPU cooler. It will make noticeable noise.
You can have 4x2GB on i5-750, with any memory of 1333MHz or more. Try to buy a 4-stick kit, it will remove incompatibilities in dual channel.

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totopsgr8Author Commented:
Dear Miahi:

Thanks for the input. Got two votes already on turning to an i7 and probably will change my mind..just got to study a little bit about the i7s to see which one should be the most suitable haviing a good performance/cost ratio. Any ideas?

Memory wise i understand your recomendations and i will most probably raise my budget a bit in order to get the three channel i7 option.

But still guys its not clear if i can have the 8GB i want with the components i mentioned. Can I?

Regarding the PSU  i know its an overkill but it has tons of connectors coming with it and probably overreacted a bit based on negative experiences i had in the past where there where no more available cables from the PSU in order to connect a fourth HD. :P. Also i read that the Radeon HD 5970 (another overkill but i will not change my mind on that one :P) needs at least 600W to run and if you have two you might be stressing your PSU if it is only a 600. Any thoughts?
totopsgr8Author Commented:
Dear Miahi

Thanks for your response! I didn't see your second reply before i published my previous one.
CPU wise, an i7 720 is not much more expensive than i5 750. But i think new 32nm Xeon E5520 or E5620 is the best. A MB Asus P6T is the same price as  P7P55D Deluxe. And if you tend to run 2 monster GPU then a 900W PSU is more than enough.
totopsgr8Author Commented:
Thanks Guys!
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