what is non-blocking switch ?

HI Experts ,

please can you explain what they mean in ( Non-blocking) switch
i need full details

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lee555J5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
A network switch that can handle the theoretical maximums that might be thrown at it. For example, say you have an 8-port 100 Mbps switch. Each port is rated for 200 Mbps for full-duplex. Multiply by 8 ports. The switch bus must be able to handle the full theoretical max of 1600 Mbps to be considered "non-blocking".
Now back to the real world--do you really need that? Probably not. The rule of thumb is 50% utilization, so your switch really just needs to support 800 Mbps. A fully non-blocking switch will obviously cost more, perhaps much more. You need to ask, "Is it really worth it. In the real world, do I really need to spend the money."
rfc1180Connect With a Mentor Commented:
non-blocking really means that the connection can always be made assuming that the switch is not broken. It has nothing to do with how much throughput the switch can handle. Typically, when discussing/referring to non-blocking, a crossbar switch fabric is used as an example. It will have (n) inputs to (m) outputs
relating to some n:1 multiplexer and some switching algorithm (Example: Clos network ). More specifically, when discussing non-blocking crossbar switch fabrics architecture; is allow multiple line cards to send data to other line cards simultaneously through the fabric for example on a Cisco 12000 GSR; in that each LC has an N+1 virtual output queuing.
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