How to setup VPN and DMZ for the corporate network

I am trying to envision the network setup if I have to support both DMZ and VPN.  I have attached a diagram.  
Overall, I have multiple VLANs within my company building.  I like to setup a DMZ for the public.  And I like to setup VPN for remote client connection to workers that need to access the corporate network.
Can anyone review the image to see if that is properly design.  I am not sure what firewall and VPN security appliance required for such a setup and the settings need to be set for the appliances.
I need some help to implement such a network. Can anyone give some guideline how to implement such a network?

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johnny_the_knifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you already have the hardware (security appliances).

In this scenario, I would probably place a Microsoft ISA firewall at the border of the network (where you have the VPN appliance).  This could then terminate the VPN connections, as well as handle the routing to the DMZ.

The network would look something like

Internet => ISA Firewall - Internal LAN

ISA will do all this out of the box.
sukamtoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
tommym121Author Commented:
I do not have any Firewalls nor the VPN security appliances.  I only have multiple VLANS setup with no external access right now.  Yes we have switches, but not  with firewall.
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yes, you must get firewall appliance for your plan to work, absolutely need internet provider also for external access.
May I ask, what software did you make your diagram with?

tommym121Author Commented:
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