call function from another unit

Dear Experts
 I have a function "SendEmail" that will be used in all my units.pas and I want to write that function only one time and call it from all the units, what should I do?

I tried  to put sendmail.pas in the uses statement in the calling unit but I got this error
"This form of method call only allowed for class methods"
thank you

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How do you call the function and how is it written? Here's an example how it should work:
if it still doesn't work the put a (simplified) version of your units online for us to see.... Maybe you are trying to call units.SendEmail or have you function placed inside a form or something.
You probably add the method SendMail to a form or other class, and then try to call it directly without constructing the class.

Here's an example of a unit called Unit1, defining SendMail. Any other unit can put Unit1 in the uses clause and call the SendMail global function.
unit Unit1; // in unit1.pas

procedure SendMall;


procedure SendMail;
// ...


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Emmanuel PASQUIERFreelance Project ManagerCommented:
you have called it from the class instead of from the instance (variable)
Your unit is like this :

   procedure SendEmail(SendTo,Subject,Body:String);


// Form1 is the variable containing the instance, TForm1 is the class.
// the instance is created with Create and stored in the variable somewhere in your application
// or in your project main source code
Application.CreateForm(TForm1, Form1);  

and you called from your unit :

TForm1.SendEmail('','test','email test');

instead of

Form1.SendEmail('','test','email test');

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Amanda77Author Commented:
thank you very much
that is exactly where I was mistaken...I guess I don't know that much about classes and instances
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