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Where does the sun go up/down during summer Solstice, winter solstice and Equinox

I have a problem I can't get straight. I wonder when the sun goes up and down during these three occurences:
-summer Solstice (decl = +23.4 deg)
-winter solstice (decl = -23.4 deg)
-equinox (decl = 0 deg)

Ths formula should hold:
 tan(Az) = sin(H) / ( cos(H) * sin(lat) - tan(decl) * cos(lat) )

Az = the angel (see below)
lat = latitude ( go with lat = 59.33  here)
decl= declination angel of the sun

cos(H) = - tan(decl) * tan(lat)

H = "hour angel"

North = 0 deg
East = 90 deg
South = 180 deg
West = 270 deg

I seem to get bad values when I do this. Culd someone calculate this 6 valus for me?
up/down for +23.4 / 0 / -23.4

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1 Solution
The best place to go for astronomical data is the US Naval Observatory:

This page has formulae for calculating the sun's position:


Angles have degrees.   Angels have wings.
This Java Applet may be adequate for you needs:

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