Lets users choose to turn on and off windows firewall


We have a SBS 2008 domain, and we use F-secure as our antivirus and firewall software. Know when a users connects to the domain the windows firewall turns on. And they cant turn it off. I have looked att the GPO on the SBS 2008 server but all is shown as not configured. What can I do to prevent that both windows firewall and fsecure is on?
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merowingerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Better way is to control the Windows firewall in the different profiles. So e.g. if the client is connected to the domain, the firewall will be disabled, else its enabled.

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Network ->Network Connections -> Windows Firewall
-> Domain Profile -> Protect all network connections -> Disabled
-> Standard Profile -> Protect all network connections -> Enabled

Also check out this:

Is your F-Secure solution managed by a server or just installed on the clients?
You could create a startup script which checks for the f-secure service and then disables the windows firewall by setting the following registry key:


ants-servertechAuthor Commented:
F-secure is installed satand alone on the clients. Its f-secure client security. And its has its on firewall, when you install it on a windows 7 or vista computer it deactivates the windows firewall, but not when you install it on a win xp.
i don't know a way how to best disable the f-secure firewall on all clients, but you can use the above listed to handle your windows firewall
ants-servertechAuthor Commented:
Now, you have misunderstood me. I want to disable the Windows built-in firewall, not F-Secure. But if the user does not have F-Secure firewall software installed, then Windows will be built up, so the bass is on anväadren itself can turn off and turn on the built-in Windows firewall. As it looks now on Windows XP clients so that all of this grayed out. But on the Windows 7 client the windows firewall is deactivated when the F-Secure is installed.
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