SSRS - How to view multiselect parameters in Report

Hi Experts,
I'm working on some reports (SQL-Server Reporting Services 2005) and have some multi-select parameters.
Now I want to view in the report, which filter criteria (parameters) the user has selected. (So that the reports reader knows, what parameters were selected that gave the report he holds in his hands).
On single select parameters, that is not that difficult: I get it with Parameters!myParameter.Value or Parameters!myParameter.Label.

How can I get all the selected values of a multi-select parameter box?

Thanks a lot!

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shorakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try the following expression in a textbox in your report:

=join(Parameters!parametername.Value,", ")

replacing parametername with the name of your parameter. Also you can replace the comma in the quotes with anything as this is just a character that seperates each value in the display.



Lupo09Author Commented:
Thanks for quick help!
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