face recognition API

i''m writing a simple non-commercial application to demonstrate face recognition and face detection as part of a school project.
i've accomplished d face detection part using OPENCV and opencvdotnet.
i'm left with the RECOGNITION part
Is there a free or non-expensive API or free code  that i can call/use in my c# program to accomplish this.
i'v written some image manipulation part but i dont av d time or skill to convert FACE recognition algorithms to code.

I've tried Verilook (neorotechnology.com). but its expensive.

i run Visual Studio 2005, sql server 2005 on a Windows XP SP2. 2GB RAM and 1.86GHz.

any help needed, i have a deadline - friday
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Please write down if you need anything else.

Thanks !
LopsyAuthor Commented:
Like i mentioned in my post i already accomplished face detection using OPENCV

I'm trying to do face RECOGNITION now.

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You might go with the method of principal component analysis PCA (i.e. hotelling transform) to do the recognition.
Basic steps:
1. calculate the c matrix
2. calculate eigenvectors
3. look for closest match

a short googling got me this:

good luck!
here's a little snippet how I did it in Matlab: ( i have a "database"  of face templates for recognition which in which i look for a face; this database X is of size 10304 x 40, each row represents one face image of size 112x92px):

load X
[n,m] = size(X);

face1 = reshape(X(1,:),112,92);
figure, imshow(face1, []); title('Face 1 in database');

% - meanface
mx = sum(X).*1/n;           

% principal component calculation
[coeff,score,latent] = princomp(X, 'econ'); 

% load the face that i don't know to whom in the database it belongs...
mistery = double(imread('unknown.pgm'));

% - make it a vector
mistery = double(reshape(mistery,[1,m]));  

% - project to the same eigenspace
mry = coeff'*(mistery-mx)';                 

% - calculate all euclidean distances to the faces in db
dist = zeros(n-1,1);
for i = 1:(n-1)
    dist(i) = norm((score(i,:)-mry'));

% - get best match / closest face
[v, i] = min(dist)      
% - prepare best match for output     
faceX = reshape(X(i,:),112,92);     

% - plot the found match of the databse 
subplot(133), imshow(faceX,[]); title('database');

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LopsyAuthor Commented:
many thanks Kendor,
i mentioned in my post that i'm not skillfull enough in programming to tranlate those PCA / Eigen algorithms to code.
 and i'm also not using matlab. i write c# and vb.net.
but all the same , i'll try and make something out of what u've posted.
... welcome. For me google found this site: http://crsouza.blogspot.com/2009/09/principal-component-analysis-in-c.html maybe you can take some of the code and tinker something. Let me know if you need more help and how you resolved the problem in the end...

You should take a look at the Active Appearance Models (AAM) and the AAM-API. It is precompiled C++ implementations of various Face-related algorithms:

LopsyAuthor Commented:
@Kendor I'm still looking at the PCA code..can't seem to get what i need.
i ran out of time to submt the project and i had to use the 30-day TRIAL version of Verilook...just referenced a few dlls and i was recognising faces from files and video streams.

i still want a solution.
thanks all
LopsyAuthor Commented:
Hello All,
I've not found a solution but i've gone round the problem by using Verilook API from neutotechnology.com.

Thanks All.

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