Exchange 2010 - Outbound mail sitting in queue


We have an Exchange 2010 server which has been fully functional for a week.

This morning we found that some emails are not being sent but others are.

After more testing, some emails are going out but they are taking a good hour or so until they leave the queue.

I have run the Mail Flow troubleshooter and it tells me that there is no problem.

I have tried creating another send connector and using DNS instead of a smarthost but this has not worked either.

Server has also had a reboot and I'm out of ideas.

In the queue viewer it is not logging any error, emails are just simply sitting there.

I'm out of ideas!
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0writerAuthor Commented:
An update:

I have re-sent all of the emails stuck in the queue from me and they now have all gone out but obviously there are emails from other senders internally that I can't re-send on their behalf.

When I disabled and created a new send connector for DNS, would Exchange not have taken the existing queue items and tried to send them using the new connector instead of the old?

I still can't figure out what the issue is.

I had recently seen an Exchange Server 2003 SMTP local retry queue grow, found the issue was with the Global Catalog server.  Apparently Exchange 2003 looks up internal recipients against the global catalog before sending the message out.

Another thing to look for is that the A/V on the server is not holding messages for some reason, and that A/V def updates are not causing the mail to be held up.

0writerAuthor Commented:
The Exchange 2010 server is also the GC. I've checked the event logs and it's a happy box, no errors logged.

I have the same problem with outbound email again today.

RAM usage is currently at 3.27GB and the server has 4GB in total. Store.exe is using just over 1GB with w3wp.exe at 400mb.

Where can I look at the Exchange log files to try and see what's going on as the nice user friendly stuff just isn't doing the job?
0writerAuthor Commented:
Found the log files which show that the server is establishing a connection to our smarthost to send emails.

Here is an extract:

2010-04-07T13:19:46.422Z,08CCA4600F46BBA2,SMTP,,+,SmartHostConnectorDelivery 33783f9a-4729-4a8e-92d8-e1075da65830
2010-04-07T13:19:46.578Z,08CCA4600F46BBA2,SMTP,,>,Established connection to
2010-04-07T13:33:03.193Z,08CCA4600F46BBA4,MAPI,mailbox database 1781870819,+,Delivery;QueueLength=1
2010-04-07T13:33:03.193Z,08CCA4600F46BBA4,MAPI,mailbox database 1781870819,>,Starting delivery
2010-04-07T13:33:03.209Z,08CCA4600F46BBA4,MAPI,mailbox database 1781870819,>,Connecting to server SERVERNAME.DOMAIN.local session type Mailbox
2010-04-07T13:33:03.302Z,08CCA4600F46BBA4,MAPI,mailbox database 1781870819,-,Messages: 1 Bytes: 5032 Recipients: 1
2010-04-07T13:41:49.210Z,08CCA4600F46BBAB,MAPI,mailbox database 1781870819,+,Delivery;QueueLength=1

Can anyone shed any light on this?
0writerAuthor Commented:
It's working now. The issue seems to have been the smarthost although nothing in the logs indicated that.

I will keep an eye on it for the next few days and update the post again.

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