Outlook 2007 Auto Reply - to send daily and not only once

I have an auto reply set up for my inbox and it is working ok, however the issue I have is that it will only send to an individual once during the session and will not do so again until I close and re-open Outlook.  I know this is by design (according to MS), however there must be a way of setting this so it sends the auto reply daily as opposed to only once per session? (or every single time, I wouldn't mind that even)  In one of the MS articles I read, it says there is a list Outlook maintains so it knows to which senders it has already replied, so even if I could refresh this list daily with a macro or something, that would suffice.  I leave my email running all the time on a separate computer, and it is remote to me for long periods while I travel - this is why I need to refresh the list daily.  Anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this?  Either via a macro or setting within Outlook?  
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HaewoodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think there's a way to overcome the once per session limit on autoreplys.  However, you could consider scheduling a job on your outlook machine that kills outlook and restarts it once per day.  You'd get your autoreplys daily that way.  
This is an RFC standard which has been laid down by the Internet Society and Microsoft is just following it.

Hnec any replies would be only once.
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