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Hi Experts,
I have a Small Business Server 2003 with my Pastel Partner 2009 installed on. It is also my DC,DNS,RAS and DHCP server. User A(AD Account1) will logon from the outside via VPN into the SBS 2003 server. And from there the User A(AD Account2) will use a different account to RDP into a 2nd Server which is my terminal server running Windows Server 2008. How many of what cals will i need in total for the user. The reason the User A has two AD accounts is because of Group Policy being very strict under the RDP user for obvious reasons. I know i need 1 terminal server cal, 1 Windows Server 2008 cal, but how many SBS cals, because of the one user having two different user accounts and using them simultaneously.
Any help
Reinert WentzelManaging MemberAsked:
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SnowWolfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The question is does SBS 2003 use per device or per user cals. I cant seem to find info on this.

If per device, then no as you are using the same device to access multiple resources.

However, due to the nature of sbs, i assume it uses per user and therefore would need a cal for the TS.

Possibly contact a Microsoft partner with a Licensing competency to give advice.
Call Microsoft Licensing for help: In the United States, call (800) 426-9400,

I would guess you need 1 SBS for each user account logging in.  "but how many SBS cals, because of the one user having two different user accounts and using them simultaneously."

Though, its best to call Microsoft to ensure that you are in compliance.
Reinert WentzelManaging MemberAuthor Commented:
I did phone them and every second guys says something different. will try again for the third time
It's not recommended to get Licensing information from sites like experts-exchange... so, its best to get licensing information direct from Microsoft...  when you talk to the guy ask them to send you some documenation on what they recommend...
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