Cisco AnyConnect Disconnecting with using Cisco IP communicator

The Cisco AnyConnect works well, until the user tries to place a VoIP call using the Cisco IP Communicator.  Looking at the event logs, these two entries stand out:

Function: flushNetworkBio Return code: 0xFE1F0013 File: .\TlsProtocol.cpp Line: 449 Description: SOCKETTRANSPORT_ERROR_MAX_WRITES

A DTLS Alert was sent by the client during a write operation. Severity: warning Description: close notify.

Any thoughts as the cause?
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voipmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So do they log in on the any connect and then boot up thier phone?

Are they logging in to any connect then RDP to thier desktop and then trying to use the phone?

When the user tries to use the phone do you mean just to dial a number or is the phone trying to register?

Does the Any Connect client disconnect the vpn ?  CIPC freeze up?

I think they may be trying to use the same port.  You can check on your phone go to audio make sure optimized for low bandwidth is not checked, click on network and set make sure you have audo ip address set to automatic detect and then use the default port settings.

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