Inter VLAN routing with HP Procurve 2810 switch

I have a HP Procurve 2810 layer 2 switch.  What is the esiest/cheapest way to set up Inter VLAN routing.  Is it possible to set up Router on a stick with this switch, If so what would be a suitable router.  Any other ideas would be welcome.
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Jody LemoineNetwork ArchitectCommented:
It's definitely possible to do inter-VLAN routing on the 2810.  If you only need to route between a couple of VLANs, you can do it with any LAN router or Linux box.  For more than two, you'll want to set up an 802.1Q trunk to an external router.  Most LAN routers or Linux boxen can handle this.  A Fast Ethernet capable Cisco router of the 1700, 2600 or 2800 series will be appropriate if you're looking for an appliance rather than a PC.

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DCMBSAuthor Commented:
I was thinking of using the soekris net 5501 ( but I am worried about throughput.  This is to be used in a school network and wonder if the router on a stick will be a bottleneck.  Do you think the above device would be able to give good throughput?  I think there will only be two VLANS but a lot of inter VLAN traffic.
Steve JenningsIT ManagerCommented:
Have you played with vyatta? It's an open source router . . . I'm running it on a 2Ghz dell box with 2 gigabit NICs and 4GB mem. I had a similar issue I was trying to solve and didn't have any budget, but there were a boat load of old dell carcases lying around. It runs fast . . . you wouldn't have any problems running it as a router on a stick.

Good luck,
DCMBSAuthor Commented:
Nice one SteveJ.  I'll check vyetta out
DCMBSAuthor Commented:
Not sure Vyatta will work for me.  I don't really want something based on a PC solution here. I'll probably stick with the soekris option unless someone can suggest anything better.  
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