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I am testing Vmware and have migrated some servers over using the converter...the way I have done this is to use the IP of the source server ex 192.168.1.xx - after completion the server comes up virutally but when I log into the virtual version there was no network card - so I then assigned one through vcenter server however when I gave it the ip address that it used to be 192.168.xx (in windows networking connections) it tells me that that address is already in use virtually (I do have the other server off so it is not a conflict or anything) Also if I lool at the virutal NIC that I assigned it doesn't have the orignal number.

But when I try to rdp into it using it's original address it can't connect - but when I go back into windows networking and add a different address I can rdp into the newely assinged one.

So my question is how do I keep the servers original IP address's - some of our servers have self certs that propably use the ip info, I also have a lot of router entries using thos oringal IP's. I would like to keep the ip's.

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Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
You should be able to convert the machine, turn off the original, add a nic and have it connect at logon then power up and configure the network card with the old details, so long as the old server is off you should not get a conflict, how could you?

you can try command NETCONFIG on your virtual server and try to resolve this IP issue.

I hope it works.
Please refer to this VMWare knowledgebase article.  The original nic is actually there, but hidden after the conversion and this is where the error is coming from.


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