Mysql counting + 1, as to increment a record

I have 2 feilds

select name, phonenumber from phonebook
I want to increment each record to return

name    Phonenumber     count
jay          4021568             1
pete         2588425            2
phil          1547454            3
john         1256654            4

i want to do something like

select name, phonenumber, count(phonenumber)+1 from phonebook.
Obviously this is incorrect, i just need the syntax to assign and increment a row number

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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
yes, this is possible:,192721,192729#msg-192729
et @i = 0;
select id, @i:=@i+1 as myrow from mytable

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Try this:

SELECT name, phonenumber, @num := @num + 1 count  from phonebook, (SELECT @num := 0) d;

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kingjelyAuthor Commented:
Hi angel, with your answer,

select custcode, id, @i:=@i+1 as counter from customers
limit 4

Custcode         Id        Counter
123                  2           null
456                  55         null
789                  6           null
159                  54         null
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kingjelyAuthor Commented:
HI Tikus,

your example works!  great, could you explain what each line does that i have pointed out, so i understand what you have done, does it have to be in this order ect?

SELECT name, phonenumber,
 @num := @num + 1 count         <======================= plz explain what this does
 from phonebook,
 (SELECT @num := 0) d;            <======================= plz explain what this does.
kingjelyAuthor Commented:
What does the 'd'    do?

kingjelyAuthor Commented:

SELECT name, phonenumber,
 @num := @num + 1 count         <======================= this is the counter 0+1
 from phonebook,
 (SELECT @num := 0) d;            <======================= This select sets the counter to '0'

and the d at the end is giving the table an alias.
(SELECT @num := 0) d. It will create new view (table) with record variable @num. "d" is alias.

SELECT name, phonenumber, @num := @num + 1 count  from phonebook, (SELECT @num := 0) d.
It will select from table "phonebook" and table "d" as i explained above. Since table "d" was consist variable @num, select @num := @num + 1 will display counter and update @num in table "d" respectively.

Hope helps.

NB: Should I got rank A? :)
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