Hyper-V disk space

I have Win 2008 SP-2 Hyper-V
My only virtual machine has 3 partitions C: D: E:
They are all on the same VHD and are dymamicly sized.
I am running low on disk space on my Host data drive D: (where my VHD is)

Each of the 3 partitions has a lot of free space, and when I add up the data being used it is only about 60% of the total size of my Host D: drive. (but the VHD is taking up 95%).

What is the best way to fix this space issue?

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Wonko_the_SaneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could try to shrink the partitions in your VM, then shrink the VHD itself. Make sure you don't make it too small...
ie0Author Commented:
Wonko, I logged into my VM (Windows 2003) and there is not option to Shrink the partitions.
I looked in Disk Manager and Properties of each drive.
Try "diskpart"...and on 2003 you will not be able to shrink the the system drive.

You could also try tools like "gparted", will require a reboot though. This tool is more flexible.
And of course - always make sure you have a backup of that machine before resizing the partitions.
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