How to change cl_collate and lc-ctype in psql


I want to create a psql database for one of the server's cpanel user with cl_collate and cl_ctype 'et_EE.UTF-8' but the database cluster is initialized with locale en_US.UTF-8 . So when I tried to create the db i got the folowing error:

createdb tester_asd --owner=tester -T template0 --lc-collate=et_EE.UTF-8 --lc-ctype=et_EE.UTF-8
createdb: unrecognized option `--lc-collate=et_EE.UTF-8'

Is there any way to create new et_EE.UTF-8 db without corrupting already created psql databases of other accounts?

Thanks in advance!
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The nature of some locale categories is that their value has to be fixed for the lifetime of a database cluster. That is, once initdb has run, you cannot change them anymore. LC_COLLATE and LC_CTYPE are those categories.


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