Create a Template to pull the telephone number from GM and send to an email address


I have a requirement to create an email template which always get sent to the same mailbox. The subject of the email address needs to be the mobile phone number (phone2 in GM) but the number needs to be slightly amended as its dropped into the subject line. Im able to create the template and pull the entire number in just by using <<phone3>> but I need to drop the leading 0 and add +44. Also, when the template is launched, it needs to have a default email address of and not the email contact of the current record which is being viewed by my users.


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GMGeniusSoftware Development Manager/DeveloperCommented:
You will not be able to put a default email address with the template.

The templates are designed to be sent to the currect active contact record, you can change it by hand but you cannot have it automatically set to an address

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If you'd consider an add-on priced at about $2500 I've got a suggestion for you.

Also, for zero, possibly, you might be able to do this with a SQL trigger.
Also, there are GoldMine Soutions Partners (including my firm) who can probably do this for you for a modest (i.e. < $2500!) fee; the down side, of course, would be that you'd be somewhat beholden to your custom solution provider for updates to that custom code.
You could create a custom field and use a lookup.ini file to get the phone number data into that user defined field in the format that you want... using substring to drop the 0 and add whatever you want. Like

"+44" + substr(contact1->phone3,2,23)

... as an example

You might be able to create a macro that does the E-mail address like you want in in composing an new E-mail. Might be tricky and I am not sure how solid that would be.
daiwhyteAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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