Task Scheduler not running

Good day people.

I have a workstation (XP Pro) that failed to backup (Backup exec DLO on the workstation schedules backups to the server).  At the workstation I discovered that the backup software threw an error telling me that "The task scheduler is not running…".  I tested the veracity of that statement by creating a little batch copy job and scheduling it to run 1 minute later.  I got a message telling me that the job was created, but couldn’t be run… access denied.

I have done a bit of research so let me answer some pertinent questions:
1.      The user logs on to the machine as a domain user and the account does have a password.
2.      The domain user account is a member of the local Administrators group.
3.      The domain user account has a high level of file permissions.  I particularly checked the Documents and settings branch as well as effective perms on the batch file I was trying to run.
4.      The user had recently completed a series of mandatory ms updates.
5.      The hot-fix patch that ms offers for this particular issue could not be applied – it told me that the machine didn't need patching (based on service pack level if I remember properly).
6.      The user account does have the local user right to "Access this computer from the network".
7.      The manually created (.bat) job that I tried to run used the user's domain user account credentials.  
8.      Later, I recreated the scheduled task and entered my own credentials for running the job.  The error message said "The data area passed a system call that is too small".  When I again tried to recreate the task with the user's credentials I got this same message.

Help.  I cannot make this problem go away.
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Can try this......

Process Monitor

Set the filter at the top to Include "Result" is "Access Denied" then "Include", and then try and recreate the "Access Denied" by running the task again. Then go look at the logging, and it will tell you where the permissions are hosed.

Never tried it for a Scheduled Task though.....

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Does the userid have the 'Access from Network'  'Log on as a Batch Job'  rights  on the workstation and the server?

Good Luck,

- gurutc
santaspores1Author Commented:
Gurutc: Yes - The user has that right on their workstation.  I don't think they need that right to the server.

All:  Also note that I have a lot of other users that are configured in the same basic way... this is going to be a machine specific problem I believe.
santaspores1Author Commented:
Issue resolved.  System restore to point before ms updates.  Re-apply ms updates (it failed on the powershell update). Re-apply all updated EXCEPT powershell.  User back to normal and task scheduler is happy.

This wasn't any sort of solution... just a successful side-stepping.
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