Exch 2007 - PopUp when conflict?

Hi All,

One of our clients just went through an upgrade from Exch 2003 -> 2007.  Following the upgrade, when someone attempted to book a meeting using a conference room resource, it would no longer immediately reject the conflict with a popup message in Outlook.  Instead, the people invited to the meeting all got meeting invitations and the conference room automatically "replied" saying "declined".  Users feel like they're looking quite ridiculous when having to send out multiple meeting requests to everyone as a result.

I did some research and found the following Exch 2007 shell command that should have fixed this problem, but it's not working.  Any ideas?

Set-MailboxCalendarSettings -Identity confroom@companyname.com -DeleteSubject $False -AddOrganizerToSubject $True -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept -AllowConflicts $False

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dsstaoConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
no, but if you have an exchange environment, just try booking a room that's already booked for that time to see what I mean.  If it emails you instead of giving a popup, use the line above in the Exch console then see what happens.
I guess this is the default behavior, the user should actually look at the free busy information on scheduling tab while he selects the conference room. it will not pop up with the window
dsstaoAuthor Commented:
Actually, the popups occur with some conference rooms, but not with others.
Can you get a screenshot of this pop up please?
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