What subdomain is typically used for Outlook Anywhere?.

I am looking to get a certificate to make OA work, and I'm wondering how many domain certificate I need.  The only thing we need the server to do is allow people to connect to their exchange account from off campus.  Will I just need a single domain cert, or a 5 subdomain or a wildcard?  Sorry if this is a dumb question - I'm new to this cert thing.  We are using SBS 2008.
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Paul MacDonaldConnect With a Mentor Director, Information SystemsCommented:
Sure, a single domain certificate should work.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
A wildcard certificate will generally give you the most bang for your buck.
ryan_a-icsAuthor Commented:
Well, all I need is Outlook Anywhere to work.  I don't need a certificate for any other purpose.  Would a single domain certificate do?
ryan_a-icsAuthor Commented:
Awesome.  Thanks!
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