Issues migrating mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to 2007


I am in the process of migrating from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 and am having issues migrating the mailboxes. So far, using Exchange 2007, I have migrated a few successfully. Most of these have little or no mail in them.

When trying to migrate the others, I get an error:

"Unable to unlock mailbox ID no: 00000000-0000-00000000, error code: -1056749254"

I have seen the question on EE about this and so then tried to ExMerge on the 2003 box. When I try this, I get the error:

"Error opening message store (MSEMS). Verify that the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is running and that you have the correct permissions to log on. (0x8004011d)"

I've searched this too and, as far as I can tell, my permissions are set correctly. I've also ensured the services are running on both servers.

Any ideas?


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zkayyalAuthor Commented:
I think I may have made some progress. Looking at the security properties of the information store on the old server, there is a "Deny" permission for my account on "Send as" and "Receive as" so I'm guessing this is causing the problem with ExMerge. The thing is, these are inheritted permissions and therefore greyed out. I was going to disable inheritted permissions but am anxious that I might do more damage that way as it seems to reset everything.

Can anyone help?
The ones you are trying to migrate and fail, check to see if the uses AD account has inheritied permissions.  To do this, open ADUC

Go to "view" and make sure advanced is checked.

Open the properties of the user.  Click on Permissions tab.  Then click adavanced.  See if the inherit permissions from... is checked.

If this is not checked, you might be trying to move an account with elevated rights in the domain.  You might need to remove the admin rights, check the inherit permissions checkbox, move the mailbox and add the permissions back
zkayyalAuthor Commented:

Most of the accounts I'm trying to move do not have inherint permissions. Some of them aren't even in admin groups. What's also interesting is that trying to move them using Exchange 2007, sometimes it gets as far as "moving mail.." then just seems to time out.

What do you think about the above comment re. the permissions of my domain admin account and the inherent "deny" for send as/receive as. Can I somehow remove that without messing everything up?
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I am not sure how your org is setup, but most accounts should have inherit permissions checked.  If they do not, check them.  If they are admin accounts, they will be flipped back within 15 minutes by the adminSDholder service.  Remember, it's not just domain admins.  There are several AD groups that are considered protected groups.

Account Operators
Server Operators
Print Operators
Backup Operators
Domain Admins
Schema Admins
Enterprise Admins
Cert Publishers

You need to make sure that the account you are using has permissions to both the source mailbox and the target.

I would not mess around with the inherited permissions.  I did that once with sucess.  The next time I did that, things did not work out so well.  I would create an account with the permissions you need.  For exmerge, it is pretty simple.  User account (not domain admin or any other protected group), make that account a local admin.  Delegate view only permissions from the Exchange Org level.  Then add the send-as and receive-as permissions at the server or store level.  The inheritance will be pushed down to mailboxes.  Also, make sure that the AD accounts have inherited permissions.  This will make your life a good bit easier.
zkayyalAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the help. I've created a new local admin account and successfully ran ExMerg using it, well, step 1 anyway. Looking at this ( thread, it then mentions using 'move-mailbox', I assume using Exchange Management Shell but I'm unsure how to do this. Can you help with that at all?
you don't have to use the shell, you can use the GUI.  Are you doing an interorg migration?  In other words, the new exchange servers are in the same AD forest?  Open the EMC GUI.  Do you see all your users in there or just the new Exchange 2007 users?
zkayyalAuthor Commented:

It turns out the root cause of all my issues was a faulty NIC on our SBS 2008 box. I've disabled NIC 1, enabled NIC 2 and switched the cable over. Everything's now migrated successfully. :) Thanks for your help though, it was useful.

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