Free/busy information is not dispalyed in office commincator


I am not able see the free/busy information when i try to schedule a meeting using office communicator,where as i can see when scheduled using outlook.
and the meetings are not saved when i create using office communicator.

* can u help me out its urgent
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verify that the free bussy scheduele update is functionning properly on the server , check

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Satya PathakLead Technical ConsultantCommented:
Can you provide information like you are facing issue with OWA or Outlook.
If you are facing an issue with outlook you can go Ran and type.
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Outlook.exe " /cleanfreebusy"
Another Sol.
Also rename the Profile and create new one and check it.

he is not having problems with outlook , it is problem with office comunicator , I think. he has to check if the update is working first .

what exchange server do you have ? if you have exchange 2003 , free bussy will not work
what outlook client do you have ? if you have 2003 free bussy will not work
what office communicator client you have ?

The updates to the free/busy information are delayed for the following reasons:
By default, Outlook 2003 only updates the free/busy information every 45 minutes. Additionally, you cannot decrease this interval because of bandwidth issues and because of scalability issues.
The replication of the public folder may cause delays.
In cross-forest scenarios, delays occur when you use the Inter-Organization Replication tool to replicate the free/busy information across forests.

check if update is occuring first :

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mansoornazarAuthor Commented:
- This issue is faceed by all users
- where the free/busy info is displayed in outlook (only when i try it using office communicator)
- we use outlook 2003/ office communicator 2007/ exchange server 2003
- when try to test simulate the same with my test server it works fine. the problem is faced by the users.
- where they are getting no information /////////////////// for the users invited for meeting using office communicator.
I see

Outlook 2007 retrieve other’s Free/Busy information by querying the other’s calendar folder directly through Availability Service. Outlook 2003 retrieve other’s Free/Busy by querying the information from the Free/Busy system folder in the Public Folder store.

Communicator:  Fetches calendar information (free/busy data, meeting subject/time/location and working hours) and Out of Office Note from Exchange.  For clients running with Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2007, this information is fetched via Exchange Web Services.  Otherwise, it is fetched via MAPI

in your case office communicator depends on outlook 2003 to open free bussy info .

mansoornazarAuthor Commented:
yes,  Any idea in this case am using outlook 2003 and office communicator 2007
mansoornazarAuthor Commented:
I dont have any issues with free/busy information is updated when i use office communicator 2.0.6...
where as now the users are upgraded to R2 3.5....
Here its not displayed,
after applying patch communicator.msp it takes 10 secs to display the free/busy..

need to wait for ~10 secs in appointment tab, then we go to scheduling tab it displays.
if we go all of sudden to scheduling tab it gives no information ////////////////////////////////////////////

Please help me out ..with any patches or hotfix...
replicate free bussy folder from exchange 2003 to exchange 2007, it is required
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