How do I print a file layout from AS/400?

I need what I'll call a "file layout" for a particular file on our AS/400 (iSeries).  The file name is ITEM.  By file layout I mean the field names, explanations, etc.  I'm sure I've done this in the past but I can't recall how.  I tried LISTLIBR and LIST but they only seem to give me source code.  The library where all the data files are is QS36F.
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daveslaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if it is was36 there these are likely to be flat files.
Usually you would use dspffd to an outfile to get the details.

In ths case this will produce nothing except may be f00001, k00001, f00002 etc.

Fortunately you can make them link them via IDDU to give them names and allow you to run querys over them.

to can access iddu via STRIDD.

First you must identify, via programs, the file layouts, then create fields, then link the fields into formats, then formats into file definitions (ie flat files may have more than one format)
then finally you use the LNKDTADFN to attach the IDDU to the flat file.

easybillAuthor Commented:
used wrkmbrpdm, also
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