ActiveSync Problem

Hi Everyone, I hope I posted this in the right place. I wasn't quite sure if this was it or not...

I have users that are trying to run ActiveSync on their XP PCs.  This is the error recorded each time I try to run ActiveSync in a non-admin profile:

Detection of product '{99052DB7-9592-4522-A558-5417BBAD48EE}', feature 'ActiveSync' failed during request for component '{AF38CF8F-2D3A-4F81-B679-EF829A63A6E7}'

It runs fine under my Administrator account, but fails to run under the users' profiles. I keep getting an error - Cannot find network location %HOMESHARE%. I have given users access to the ActiveSync folder, but it still won't run under the users' profiles.

I have given the users permissions to modify the ActiveSync folder. Still under the users' profiles ActiveSync does not auto start up as it does under admin and if you try to run from programs list it fails to start. If I go directly to the ActiveSync folder and double-click on WCESMgr.exe the program starts to run and crashes.

I have installed ActiveSync 4.5 on my system to see if it was just a local machine problem and have been able to duplicate the problem on my system. ActiveSync runs only under Admin and fails under regular user profile.

If I create a shortcut to the executable ("C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync\WCESMgr.exe") I can go to the ActiveSync shortcut and right-click Run-As local administrator and the program will startup correctly, displays on both the device and PC that it is connected. I am able to click on Explore within the ActiveSync and open a window, but it is blank. I found that if I refresh the window the folders will appear.

However, if I go to My Computer and try to access Mobile Device to see my folders, another session will attempt to start even though Microsoft ActiveSync is already running on the desktop and as before the first session will close (crash) and connection will be lost. I am assuming going that route tries to open an ActiveSync session under the user's profile and crashes.

I have given users modify permissions on the ActiveSync folder and it makes no difference.

We are using version 4.5 of ActiveSync which is the current version.

We thought maybe when they installed it that they only installed it for one person (that they were given that option) but apparently that isn't a choice.  

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!  I have Googled for answers but nothing has really helped or been applicable.  The software is already installed on the PC so logging the install is obviously not going to help me (as noted in one of the articles that keeps popping up in the search.)  I have searched Microsoft's site but found nothing of any value either.    

Thank you.
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It sounds like a permissions issue for sure. First resolve Cannot find network location %HOMESHARE%.
Second, I know it sounds time consuming, but the best way to figure it out is to give permissions to everyone and then disable one set of folders at a time until you narrow down which group is giving you the issue. Once you figure this out you should get it resolved.

Sorry, but there are so many variables - its hard to give you an answer straight up.

Hope that helps.

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