Exchange 2010 will not send email since issuing a new certificate

I was having trouble last week getting a new exchange server to receive email (which turned out to be an incorrect MX record that the host put in).  

As of today, I can receive email fine, but oddly enough, now I can't send anything (I was able to last week when I couldn't receive).

In the time between last week and this week the only thing I changed was the SSL certificate (I didn't realize that I needed a few domain variations, and I didn't have, so I had one reissued with what I needed).

I then changed the EHLO response on my send and receive connectors to be from the and that they were before.

When I put the new certificate in, exchange told me that there was an old certificate bound to SMTP, and asked if I would like to replace it with the new one, which I said yes to.

Any ideas what could be going on?
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You must create the Send Connector under Hub Transport before you can send mail. Sounds like this is what is missing. It is not enabled by default.

Hope that helps!

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VaralithAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  The send connector was actually created....but when I updated the certificate for some reason it changed the accepted domains to send to to my domain instead of *.

Got it solved, everything flushed out of the queue as soon as I changed that back.  Thanks!
No prob, I'm very proficient in Exchange. Do you have any other questions? I'd be happy to help with your setup.
VaralithAuthor Commented:
Actually....I've got a couple of offsite areas (that we're hoping to link with wireless soon) that I'd rather not set a VPN up for, but want them to get their email through this server as well.

I've setup SMTP and POP3 services and have them running, but I can't get to work when I setup a new account in outlook 2007.  It eventually times out contacting the pop3 server.

Someone suggested I could do RPC over HTTPS and get the same robustness and features of exchange that way, and of course I could just make them use OWA.

What do you think is the problem with the pop3, and if it's not worth messing with, do you think using one of the other two options would be better?
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