Citrix Print Manager Service

I have a client with a single server Citrix Farm running PS 4.5.    The Citrix Print Print manager service keeps crashing with the following listed in the application log...

Faulting application CpSvc.exe version 4.5.3900.1,  faulting module ntdll.dll  version 5.2.3790.4455, fault address  0x0002a776.

This has been occurring frequently over the last two weeks.
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basrajConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have come across this problem in my environment. The problem is due to bad drivers. You can always reinstall the faulty drivers to fix this issue.

To identify the faulty drivers, you can check the Citrix site for "CItrix Stress Printing tool", which will help you to identify the faulty drivers.

Bottom line is replace the bad drivers. If you have time, please test your environment with help of the above tool.
Carl WebsterCommented:
That is almost always the fault of a bad print driver.
Have you tried publishing the citrix ica print manager to the client to see what printers are mapped to this client?
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