Help with Fiber Optic Cable

I just purchase a few of these: HP ProCurve 2810-48G Switch (J9022A)

Problem is, I dont have the right fiber for them. I need new cables. One end is ST and the new switches I bought require mini gbic transceivers but I cant seem to find the cable with the right size. When I google mini-gbic, all I get are transceivers, and I need the cables that FIT INTO those transceivers.

Now I know there are cables like this one in which the transceiver is built into the cable:

so ideally I'd need a fiber optic cable that had a Mini-gbic transceiver on one end and ST on the other.

Can anyone tell me where to purchase such a cable? I would settle for someone telling me where to find a cable that simply fit INTO a mini-gbic transceiver.

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jlknappConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It should be whats called an LC connection.  So you would need an LC/ST cable they come in various sizes.  An easy place to find them is
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