Want to add submit button to Adobe Acrobat fillable form

Hello - - I want to create a fillable adobe acrobat form and post it to my website.

I know how to create the fillable form however I can not figure out how to add a button (submit ??) that when pressed will send the entire filled out form to an email receipient as an attachment.

Is there a way to do this ?

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Just add a button from the toolbar to the form, right click and select 'Properties', click on 'Actions' tab, select Run a javascript' from the 'Select Action' drop down and click on 'Add'. You'll get the script window. Copy and paste the following code in there

bUI: false,
cTo: "test@test.com",
cCC: "testCC@test.com",
cSubject: "Subject",
cMsg: "Here goes the message."

NOTE: Replace dummy email addresses with real addresses.

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kpdonahueAuthor Commented:
Ok - - tried this and it works (kinda)

it opens the default email client

is there a way to just "send" without opening the email client?

No, the method relies on the email client. Other way is to "submit" the form to a jsp/asp/php page and have that page send an email with the PDF as an attachment.
kpdonahueAuthor Commented:
Very Weird - - its not working

I added the JS and when I press the submit button, my default email client opens with the PDF already inserted and the To: field populated (used my email address for test).

When I hit sent the message appears to go out however I don't receive it.  Its not in my Sent Items either.

If I just open Outlook and insert the same PDF and hit send, it gets delivered to my mailbox

Any idea why this is not working?
That's weird! Can you try it one some other machine?
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