Eliminate the AutoMergeField(s) in a Mail Merge Document

When I use the "Insert Merge Field" option in Mail Merge I have 95 new "AutoMergeField" fields.   I have deleted, the blank columns in the Excel data file and I have also used "Clear All" to attempt to clear them but Word still thinks there is something in the column.  The Excel data is in A1:AV68  but the Word File is look at A1:HZ104.   Is there a cache that needs to be cleared in WORD or other way to eliminate them?

Any help would be appreciated,
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Jerry PaladinoAsked:
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lwebberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In Excel, define a name that includes just the columns you want to use. In Word, when you designate the Excel workbook as the data source, choose the name you defined. That should limit Word to using just the columns you included in the Excel defined name.
Jerry PaladinoAuthor Commented:
Yes - That works  --  Thank You!
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