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I am the moss admin and I am having troubles creating a site category webpart. when i add the site in the source data it displays nothing and when i go back into the webpart the source list is blank.  Its not saving the list i give it.

what am i doing wrong?

I can't get anything to display in top sites or sites in category, both say there is nothing to display.
Justin ImesFull Time SharePoint JediAsked:
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Justin ImesConnect With a Mentor Full Time SharePoint JediAuthor Commented:
it never seemed to work right, so i always made manual content web part links...
but now i'm redesigning sharepoint so i figured i would give it another try

i am farm admin tho, and i can't even view any of the site categorys...

Has it worked in the past for you?  If so, try double checking your permissions or you may need to restart the SharePoint server.  
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