How to make a Certificate Request on a Windows Server Core VM

I need to make a certificate signing request on a Server Core VM. I have installed the IIS 7 Manager on another server but when I connect to the Web server the "Server Certificates" button is missing. I have tested this by connecting remotely to a "Full Installation" Web Server and I get the same result: no "Server Certificates" button. If i go on the console of the "Full Installation" Web Server I do get the "Server Certificates" button and can complete the request.
I have installed the "ClientCertificateMappingAuthentication" and the "CertificateMappingAuthentication" roles on the Server Core installation. I am out of ideas can anyone please help with this.
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hmm, haven't tried this yet,, but can you try "certutil" to create a request? This is kind of tricky though...

Or you can create the request on a different server (use 2003 if you have) and export the certificate later, then just import it on core?

do u have ad running ? if this true try following

To make sure that the Root certificate is published to each client, execute this command to publish it into Active Directory
certutil -dspublish C:\RootCA.cer RootCA
ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
You need to create a 'request.inf' file and create the CSR using certreq.exe, not certutil.

Client certificate mapping deals with having the user provide a certificate to authenticate to your site during the SSL handshake. The cert is mapped to an existing user account.

The request.inf should look like this for a web server cert:

Signature="$Windows NT$"

ProviderName="Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider"
KeyUsage = 0xF0     ; Digital Signature, Key Encipherment, Nonrepudiation, Data Encipherment

OID= ; Server Authentication

You can create the CSR with this cmd:
certreq -new c:\temp\request.inf c:\temp\certrequest.txt

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yeah right, that was a typo :)
certreq is correct.
ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
When you get the issued cert, install with certutil.exe:
certutil -f -addstore My c:\temp\certname.cer

If you have problems, you may need to reassociate the private key.  Try this:
certutil -dump certname.cer | more
(break after first screen)
note the Serial Number value displayed. - use this as %SerialNumber%:

certutil -repairstore My %SerialNumber%

you can confirm that the private key is associated:
certutil -store My %SerialNumber%

If it is associated it should have something like this as the last line:
Encryption test passed

If it isn't associated then:
Missing stored keyset
Cannot load key: Key does not exist. 0x8009000d (-2146893811)
Encryption test FAILED
JK-PBSAuthor Commented:
That is a beautiful thing
JK-PBSAuthor Commented:
Your solution is spot on thank you very much,
I called Microsoft support for help and received the following help:
3- People that called me to help. All three people told me that thid issue was beyond the scope of thier knowledge.
2- People of Microsoft Support that told me the are not familiar with the term "Server Core".
2- The amount of times I called Mirosoft Support and was dissconnected.
0 - The total amount of help that Microsoft Support provided.
JK-PBSAuthor Commented:
To add
1- The person that failed to read the support ticket that said i was NOT available 24-7 and called me at 8:00PM ant night which was 6 hours after the support request was filled which was 2 hours beyond the 4 hour window that my support contract stated.
ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
Always glad to help out - that's why I'm here :)
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