Copy Controls and Remove Unwanted Controls in an InfoPath Form

I have a form template that i've been learning InfoPath on and I seem to have a ton of controls that are not visiable on the form (i can see them when i go into edit binding).  How do I remove these?

Also, is there a way to copy and past controls?  I use the copy paste feature but it seems to keep a relationship between the initial control and doesn't let me rename it.
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janicet123Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Best practice for creating forms is to create the Data Source first, then place the controls on the form from the data source (if it is not showing on the right hand side, click View --> Design Tasks --> Data Source). Additionally if you delete a control, it still has a node in the data source, since by default, a node is created with every control. To delete the node, expand the data source, select the node you want to delete and right click --> Delete. Then you can delete the associate control successfully.

A control is always bound to a node in the data source and so when you copy a control, you are copying an instance of something that is already bound to something else. You will have to create each control individually. I would highly recommend the book "Designing Forms for Microsoft Office InfoPath and Forms Services 2007." It is an invaluable book for learning how to best create forms and will creating your data source, naming your nodes, creating your form layouts, etc. Good luck.
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