Printer will not print.

Hi all, I'm having an issue with my Lexmark x7170 printer. It has worked fine in the past.

OS: Windows Server 2003

The situation:

The printer is connected to our server, which is running Windows Server 2003. We then find the printer on the network and print to it from our laptops.

When attempting to print from any program with a print option, the print icon appears in the systray for a split second and then disappears (this happens on both the server and the networked laptops). When clicked upon, it states "Spooling" for the split second then disappears. Nothing prints from the printer.

The fix attempts:

I've tried turning the printer off and on, restarting the server, uninstalling/reinstalling the printer drivers, unplugging the USB from the printer into the server and reinstalling the "Windows has detected new hardware" driver and then installing the Lexmark downloaded driver and everything has finished successfully (Windows states "Your new hardware is ready to use"). The printer is certainly online and states that everything is working properly. There are no issues in Device Manager. I've tried changing the print processor to "WinPrint" and still nothing prints, but the systray icon doesn't disappear. The job get loaded to a point (e.g. 802 bytes/913 bytes) and doesn't proceed any further. No error messages display on printer screen.

The possible problem that caused all this:

The printer was working, but some of our users were using Windows 7 and couldn't print to the printer. So instead of installing the driver on our client's laptops, we updated the existing (and working) driver on the Windows Server 2003 server with a Windows Vista driver. This is when the issues began, but the drivers have been uninstalled and the default Windows Server 2003 drivers have been installed back. So why isn't the printer working?
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If it's a shared printer on the Win2k3 server, it will be using that driver since that machine is the one spooling the job, so no need to install a Vista or 7 driver on the server.  Only install what that server is running.

Can you print from the server?  Once you get that down then you can move to the laptops you need to connect.  Start from scratch if you need to, including removing the drivers for this printer off the server and removing the ports as well as the printer instances.  Then start over with installing the port, driver, and printer and see if you can get the server printing first.
After this you can working about sharing the printer and connecting from the clients.

Let us know when you are ready to work on the next issue (getting the users set up)
avantixgAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

We cannot print from the server either, as the systray icons appears and disappears there as well.

By "removing the ports as well as the printer instances", how would you do that? In Device Manager? If so, what would you choose to remove?

This printer is connected via USB.

I've taken these steps earlier today to install the printer with no luck:

Unplugged USB printer from server and uninstalled driver via Start > Programs > Lexmark 7100 Series > Uninstall. I've then rebooted, and before plugging in the USB printer to the server, installed the proper Lexmark driver I downloaded from there website. After it was installed, I plugged in the USB printer and Windows found the new hardware and installed it fine and I got the "Your new hardware is ready to use" popup in the tray. When trying to print though, it's not working.

Hope this explanation helps a bit further. Thanks!
Go to Printers and Faxes -> File -> Server Properties and then select the Ports tab.
Remove the ports that have to do with USB (have the printer unplugged) and remove the drivers for that printer as well.

If you have any Lexmark software uninstall this as well.  You want to be completely free of anything related to this printer before starting over.

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avantixgAuthor Commented:
Ah, that makes sense. I'm don't really want to delete the port, as I don't want to mess anything up on the server. Is this a necessary step to do? Could we try this without deleting port, please?
You could, just try skipping that for now (as long as you get rid of the drivers) and if you have to, come back later and try it again.
Is the server using any other USB devices (ie backup drives, etc)?

Windows will always re-install USB drivers when devices are plugged back in, unless it's really weird hardware and in that case you just need the device's drivers that come on a cd or via download.

You probably have this on CD, but here is the Lexmark driver I believe you need:
Well, I had a similar problem a few weeks ago and I spent much time doing the driver re-installation and unplugging and re-connecting the printer only to find that one of the panels wasn't closed properly on the printer thus causing it to accept part of the print job but never actually print the document. I would recommend looking closer at the printer itself to make sure nothing is amiss or even has a paper tray that is not closed properly.

Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
Once your USB printer is installed on your server, you should be able to get to it from your Control Panel.  Open up its properties and try to Print a Test Page.  What happens?  Also, is it safe to assume you are sharing this printer from your server and connecting to the server's print spooler for client printing (printing to \\server\printer)?
avantixgAuthor Commented:
Thanks for snagging me that link - yes, that is indeed the one.

There are indeed also backup USB drives plugged in (don't want to mess it up!)

I tried to remove the driver, but an error came up stating that "the driver could not be removed because it was currently in use". I tried unplugging the printer USB, turnig sharing for the printer off, turning the printer into the offline state, and removing all running processes starting with lxbx (for Lexmark), but still that didn't work.

What would you suggest?

There was also a "Reinstall" option which I tried (it states "Replace" above) and the systray icon no longer appears and then disappears. The print job actually loads to 99% (Lexmark GUI) and then freezes, and the printer makes an initial noise as if it's loading the paper but the printer does not print.

If there's any way I could avoid restarting the server for a workaround to this, that would be super. If not, I'll have to wait until tonight when the work day is done. Haha.

Thanks jameso99 - I'll be sure to award you the points once this is all resolved.
avantixgAuthor Commented:
@spiderwilk007 Thanks for the suggestion - I opened the cover and slammed it shut. Your idea didn't work. The printer isn't saying anything about the cover being open as well on the printer itself.

@DrUltima I've attached a screenshot of what is happening when a test page print attempt is made. The print job freezes up at 10%.

@jameso99 Hey bud, saw a service running named lxbx_device in Services and stopped that. Tried to uninstall the driver again but it said it was still in use. Would also stopped the Print Spooler service help to not have the Lexmark device in use?
Go to Services and restart the Print Spooler.  Then you can remove the driver.

Un-install the Lexmark software.  You need to start with a clean system and this probably has some drivers that are bad, hence the removal and re-installation of the new and latest software.
FYI restarting the print spooler doesn't take long to recover from - just a few minutes at most.  Users shouldn't be affected unless they are printing at that very second, but worst thing is that they have to re-print their job.
avantixgAuthor Commented:
Hey jameso99,

I restarted the Printer Spooler but I still cannot uninstall the driver. It still states the printer is currently in use.

- The printer is unplugged from the server.
- The printer is shown as "offline" in the Printers and Faxes.
- The printer is not being shared out.
- All processes with lxbx are not being run in Task Manager.
- The "lxbx_device" service has been stopped in Services.
- The Print Spooler has been restarted.
Try finding the driver on the C drive (selecting Properties on the Drivers tab will tell you where) and then delete it.  If it's in use you might need help with Unlocker, a small program that will remove in-use files (

I guess you could try replacing the drive with the other one if you had to, but removing it makes sure you are not using the wrong one.
avantixgAuthor Commented:
Thanks man!

I'm giving the server a reboot now that it's the end of the day and no one's on it. I'll try that stuff most likely tomorrow if this reboot doesn't help at all.

I'll let you know before I leave the office today of the status.

Thank you so much for all your help. I thoroughly appreciate it.
avantixgAuthor Commented:
Hey jameso99,

Thanks very much for all your help!

The restart worked - and from there, all I did was reinstall the driver from the server properties window. Thanks a ton for all your help!

I just successfully printed from the server and my machine (which is a client to the server).

Take care bud!
Great job!  Glad to be of help.
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