Error message when tryingWindows Update or any website after XP Repair Install: Requested Lookup Key was not found in any active activation context

We have a user who got a corrupt system32 file and couldn't boot xp pro.  I did a repair install and everything seemed to boot fine.  It reverted her back to no updates and IE6.  When I first went to IE it gave the error message immediately when trying to load the intranet based company portal.  I did an ipconfig and it had set her workgroup back to mshome rather than the domain.  After a little fooling around with it I got the domain set back right and now it will load the home page but anything else it just throws that error message.  Even  I also get the error message when trying to run windows updates.  Any ideas what could be going on here?
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danielwebbConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
IE 8 install didn't work because it couldn't connect for updates.  What I ended up having to do was set my home page to because the home page is the only ting that would load.  Once i did this and got all the updates back that the repair install had wiped out everything worked fine.
does your company have dns servers?  did you set them in your IP Configuration on the NIC?  That would cause an issue when trying to resolve websites.  Does your company go through a proxy to web access?  if so, you need to set the proxy server in your Internet Options.
Thats good you got it resolved :)

Above link is standalone installer. Can be downloaded on another pc and transferred via removable device.
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