Changing the IP of a 2008 R2 DC

Is there any issues with changing the IP address of a domain controller? I am upgrading my AD to 2008 and I am demoting my old DC's, but my boss wants to continue to use the old IP from the old DC's. So once I turn off the old DC's he wants me to change the IP of the new ones to the old ones.
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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:

There is no issue with changing the IP of a DC, provided you run the following commands after doing so:

netdiag /fix
net stop Netlogon
net start Netlogon

This ensures the appropriate DNS records are updated in DNS.

Also, as noted above, any references to the new IP (the one being replaced) on devices using static addressing or in DHCP scopes would need to be updated.

You can change the IP address of a domain controller with no problem...   Change it just like you would change any other server to a new ip address...
however, if this DC is also running services like DNS, WINS, etc... and yo have clients pointing to the IP for these services, you will have to update your client settings too...

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for example, if you have this server as a DC and DNS server... and clients are pointing to this server for DNS resolution, you will have to update the DNS setting in TCP/IP properties on your clients so that they point to the new IP address that you assign to the server.  (If you are using DHCP, you can alter the scope options)
snusgubbenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
MS also recomend running "dcdiag /fix" to update the SPN when you change the IP of a DC.  
There is no netdiag /fix in server 2008.
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