could someone please help me find the WMI classes which gives information about input (keyboard, mouse, webcams) and output devices (like monitors) etc?

I am writing a perl script to query all the hardware information on a windows system, and I wanna know the wmi classes that hold information about all input/output devices on a windows host.
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I'd recommend getting Microsoft's WMI Code Creator. As well as writing code in vbscript (yes, I know you're using perl) it's also the easiest way I've found to browse WMI space.

With that said, everything you're looking for is going to be a subset of root\CIMv2 - for instance, BIOS is located at \\COMPUTER\root\cimv2\Win32_SystemBIOS.
On your windows system type wbemtest in the run dialog - click connect replace root/default with root/cimv2, click Enum Classes select "Recursive" and click ok.  The system will iterate through all WMI classes in that namespace scroll down to the ones that start with Win32 -  I would start there.  You can double click on these classes to get the methods and properties of them.

For example:  if you select the Win32_LogicalDisk class, then the Name Property and click on "Instances" you will see a list of all logical drives in use on that system.  

Using this information you can generate the necessary WMI code in your Perl script.

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deshawAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the details
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