cfloop condition loop

Hi Experts:
Is there a cleaner, more better way to do this?  The procedure is to generate a random password and check the newly generated random password for compliance to the password rules.  If it doesn't comply, then a new random password is checked again and so on until a good password is generated.  The checkPassword function returns a return code (rc) with a message if there's a problem with the password.  Usually, if a user is resetting their own password, this message (#rc#) would just be output to the user.  For random password generation, it's not displayed.  Initially, I set rc to TRUE, just so it's not null.  Thank you!
   Here is the code:

<cfset newPW = obj1.getTempPW(#USER_ID#)>
<cfset rc = TRUE>
<cfloop condition="rc neq """"">
   <cfset rc = obj2.checkPassword(form.Email,"#newPW#")>
   <cfif rc neq "">
   <!--- this password is not compliant, generate another --->
      <cfset newPW = obj1.getTempPW(#user_id#)>

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you should just be able to check the result in the condition itself.
<cfset newPW = obj1.getTempPW(USER_ID)>
<cfloop condition="#len(obj2.checkPassword(form.Email,newPW))#">
      <cfset newPW = obj1.getTempPW(user_id)>

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I'm always afraid of infinite loops.  what if your some code changes and the password generator cannot generate a valid password?

This code will bail out after 99 tries..

<cfset newPassword = "">
<cfloop index="xx" from="1" to="99">
   <cfset testPswd = obj1.getTempPW(user_id)>
   <cfif len(obj2.checkPassword(form.Email,testPswd))>
      <cfset newPassword = testPswd>
      <cfbreak> <!--- found a good password, quit ---->

<cfif len(newPassword) eq 0>
  Error : unable to generate a new password !

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snix123Author Commented:
Thanks a bunch!
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