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I need some guidance on creating a survey which would allow me to ask a question and based on the answer, give a specific subset of possbilities based on the prior answer.  

Our department used a paper form to request class overrides in the past.  I simplified things this year by using a SharePoint survey tool for our advisors to request overrides for their students.  Very basic stuff - student name, ID, class name, number, section and date.  We have specific classes and I was able to use the list functionality in SharePoint's survey tool.  Now however, I'm being asked to tie the Course Description with that courses specific serial nujmber and specific section.  
For example.

If Biology 101 is selected, then  the choices for class number would be limited to these choices

Any of those choices would then pull up a series of choices for the section number for example
DIS002 etc.

So the finished selection would look like this:

Course - Biology 101  Class number - 22343  Section - DIS001

Is SharePoint 2007 able to do this?  I looked at Branching Logic, but I was
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Melih SARICAConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
with the default logic of the survey in Moss2007, u can dublicate questions which must ave limited answers. and with branching u can redirect ppl to desired question
Shailaja KumarCommented:
What is the problem you faced with branching logic? I suppose it should work fine
tedwillAuthor Commented:
So for each possible Class Number should I create a separate question?  In other words, should there be a new question for class numbers for Biology, Chemistry, English, etc?  How with branching do I only allow the choices of class numbers for a specific class?

Thank you.
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