DHCP server cannot assign IP address to XP Pro Workstation

I have configured DHCP service on Server 2003 . This Server is also Domain Controller plus DNS Server ( 3 roles in one machine ) .

I have authorized the DHCP Server and Activate the scope .  There is XP Pro connected to this DHCP Server . The XP Pro cannot receive any IP address from DHCP Server .

XP Pro machine and DHCP Server are connected through switch. No router in between.

XP Pro machine is using APIPA Address. That's tell me that the DHCP never deliver any IP address to XP Pro machine .  

What I have done :
1)Both DHCP Server and XP Pro have been restarted
2)XP Pro has been enable " obtain IP address automatically "
3) Had assign DNS address ( the  IP Addres of the DHCP Server ) on the XP Pro machine
4) Both machines can ping to each other .
5) had perform ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew on XP Pro machine
6) Join to domain  successful when XP Pro is configured as static IP address .
7) Did try switch to Static IP address and switch back to dynamc IP configuration
8) If I select dynamic IP setting on XP Pro , once power up XP Pro , the machine is configured
    with APIPA instead of getting IP address from DHCP Server

What else should I try ?   Any setting needed on DNS record ?  or what ???
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MidnightOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try both. Deactivate the esope, the unauthorize the server.
Just a quick question? Did you setup the DNS with the Server 2003 Wizard or did you try to set it up by manually creating the records?
Try de-authorizing the scope, wait about fifteen minutes, and re-authorize the scope. I've had that work when this occurs.

Are there any DHCP-related events in the system or application logs of the DC?
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kcnAuthor Commented:
justine ,  I  installed DNS by wizard ...

Midnight ... I only can try it tomorrow .. ( I thought is authorize the Server and activate the scope , so, should I try authorize on DHCP server , or , activate the scope ??? )  
ther might be something wrong while installing the DHCP server, try uninstall the role and reinstall DHCP server role from scratch then recreate your scopes and do a restart before authorizing the DHCP server.
kcnAuthor Commented:
Hi ,
Deactivate the esope, the unauthorize the server ==> solve one DHCP Server , but not for second one.

Uninstall and reinstall DHCP cannot help anything .

I will uninstall and reinstall Window Server 2003 to see the results.
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