Sonicwall NSA240- Increase event log size?

I've got a Sonicwall NSA240 and I was wondering if its possible to increase the size of the event log? I'm not even sure what criteria it uses to dicctate when its full, wheter its amount of items, or MB size. It appears to clear the old stuff to make way for the new events, but it doesn't go back far enough to help with diagnosing issues.

  I do see a way to have the sonicwall email the log before clearing it, but increasing its capacity would be nice.

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-JTAuthor Commented:
think I found myown answer. Log is limited to 32k. And unless i'm wrong the only way to get more log space is to use a GMS server in addition or something similar.

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You can't really get more log space, but you definitely want to set it up to e-mail the logs to you. Viewpoint or GMS (Viewpoint is a subset of GMS) are not quite the same thing. They are reporting tools that will give you information from syslog data that is sent to them, which is very useful, but still not a substitute for reviewing the logs.
-JTAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the claification on GMS/viewpoint. So, I guess emailing the logs really is the only way to go. Thanks.
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