How to setup a Forward mailbox (CRM 4 Dynamics)

We are having some issues with setting up the CRM 4 exchange router and are now thinking of test out a forward mailbox. Was wondering if there is anyone who's done it already and could help.


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Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
I've configured the e-mail router to work with a forward mailbox.

Where do you need help?

Well, perhaps you might want to document your need and the issues that are occurring.  I think we can give you a lot of help in all areas.

There are Pros and Cons to all methods of Email Tracking.

First preference is for Outlook Client, but this can be problematic for users who might be out of office and obviously problematic for Queues.

I dislike the "Email Router" method within the Email Router configuration.  It puts far too much load on the Router to keep up with multiple user mailboxes.  Additionally, it has no sense of "history" so it will try to read each User's inbox as far back as emails go.

Using the Forward Mailbox limits the router to a single mailbox to read AND the history is solved on the basis that it will only process emails from the time they begin to go into the Router (Forward) Mailbox.  the downside is that each new user will need a Rule to be deployed from the Rule Deployment Wizard (You'll need extended Exchange credentials to deploy those rules. (but you can do a Run As).

Within the Configuration (if all you are using is Forward Mailbox) Setup your Incoming Profile and authenticate with the router account.  Then once you Load the Users, Queues and Forward Mailboxes you can click the Forward Mailbox on that tab.
MysterhaysAuthor Commented:
So we setup the forward mailbox. And email is flowing except for one scenario.

So if we send email from CRM to another user internal user, it gets tracked
if we sent from CRM to an external user, it gets tracked
if that external user replies it gets tracked.
if an internet user replies outside of CRM (from Outlook) it does not get tracked...
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I'm a bit confused.

So WEB vs. Outlook and Internal vs. External vs. Internet?

Outgoing Email is a "separate" tracking mechanism that can be done by the Email Router or the Outlook Client for each CRM User.  
 - If a CRM User creates an email in CRM Web Client and is configured for Email Router, the Router will read the outgoing queue and send it.  
 - If they do the same thing and are configured for Outlook Client, the email will sit in the queue until the Outlook client is opened, syncs and then it is sent.
 - Similarly, if CRM User has the Outlook Client and that is his/her method, any tracked email that is created or replied to will be tracked by the Outlook Client at the next sync.
 - If the Email is sent from Outlook but the method is Email Router, essentially a sync has to occur and the Router has to "process" it...the email will always be sent by Exchange or whatever.

Now Incoming - we will assume Forward Mailbox
 - All Users should likely be set up with that "Method" and have a Rule Deployed.
 - There is a setting in the System Settings to determine the behavior of an email sent from one CRM user to another CRM user that is tracked (track as one or as two items)
 - Each User has settings as to what they will track (All; Just from Contacts, Accounts, Leads; or where email is in response to a tracked email) that is set in their options.  Default is to the "where email is in response to a CRM tracked email"
Based on the above, we are talking about a "received" email.  let's not think about who sent it.
 - Email comes to recipient...
 - - Is there a rule deployed to this user that will Forward All Email as Attachment to the ForwardMailbox account?
 - - If Yes, email is forwarded
 - - - Email Router processes Emails in ForwardMailbox
 - - - - Should the email be tracked (this is a combination of things, the user who forwarded it's settings as above, as well as the incoming and outgoing email addresses and the subject.  CRM uses smart matching to determine if an email should be tracked.

Are you using a tracking token?  In CRM 4.0 you can turn that off.  It is just part of the uniqueness of the CRM subject now.  We have found that many users will remove the token which threw off the tracking.

Now, tracking the email and APPEARING to be tracked are different.  So an email comes in as above and gets tracked into CRM, but my Outlook Client has to sync before the icon will change to reflect it.

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MysterhaysAuthor Commented:
Ok so everything seems to be working well with our CRM forward email router. However there have been some concerns that have come out with sending everyone's email to a forward mailbox. I am wondering if there is a way to make that rule more restrictive....

say send to crmmail account only everything that contains crm in the subject line.

Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Yes, you may make the rule more restrictive but make sure that everything is forwarded as an attachment and remember that you won't be able to use the Rule Deployment Wizard.

MysterhaysAuthor Commented:
We've decided to try to use another user to scan the mailboxes for CRM mail and keep getting 401 unauthorized...have you tryied to alternate ways of trying to access email?
Two points:

Each user has the ability to track email in three different ways :
 - All Email
 - Email that comes from Leads, Contacts, and Accounts
 - Email that is in response to CRM Email.

By changing the rule, you lose the effectiveness of the three above.

Are you saying that you have decided to use the EMail Router Method on all the individual mailboxes? (instead of just the ForwardMailbox?)
Or are you saying you want to use another account in the "Profile" for Incoming FWD to read the Forward Mailbox?  That account has to have rights to the Forward Mailbox in Exchange.

MysterhaysAuthor Commented:
Our issue is that not everyone is comfortable with a second copy of email leaving everyone's mailbox and ending up in another mailbox for CRM to parse.

Our second option would be to allow CRM to scan everyone's mailbox with a super account. However we keep getting 401 authentication errors even though I've granted administrator full managment rights to the users folder and users other specified settings in email router.

It really shouldn't be this difficult.
Exchange by default denies access to Exchange Admins and Domain Admins I believe on user mailboxes.
MysterhaysAuthor Commented:
I've even used my user account as the other specified with the same results...added myself to Manage Full Access Permission and tried a test access and still get 401 unauthorized...

the part that baffles me is I've even used local system because I've installed the router right on the exchange server with the same freaking results...
So, this is in the Incoming Profile?

Try putting your credentials in and see if YOUR account fails?
MysterhaysAuthor Commented:
Yep it does fail, it must have something to do with https.
Did you change the URL?  You said the Forwarding Mailbox was working....

MysterhaysAuthor Commented:
So I got it working, I moved the CRM Exchange router off of the Exchange box and onto the CRM box. I have no freaking clue why it won't connect when installed directly on the exchange machine.

Now I can set up scenario's and choose between forward mailbox and exchange router.

Thanks for your input.
Probably host headered...I bet its something like DisableLoopbackCheck or something.  Glad its working.
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