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Suggestion for Delphi 2010 Barcode Component for Quick Report

I have been upgrading my previous code (written in Delphi 5) to Delphi 2010.  I have alot of reports (using Quick Report) that use the Zorn Barcode component (Barcode type 39).  The Zorn component, whilst installs no longer works (I have already checked for an updated version).

What I am after is:
1.  The ability to print Barcodes through Quick Report.
2.  Ideally (but not essential) to be able to continue to encode the "F9" key into the barcode.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?
Thanks in advance,
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Ferruccio AccalaiSenior developer, analyst and customer assistance Commented:
Unfortunately the Zorn one seems to not support Unicode and seems to not work on D2010

The only updated Barcode Component that supports QuickReport also that I know is Barcode VCL from http://www.han-soft.com/barcode.php, but it costs about 100$

Richard_ClaytonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info,
I had been testing the Han-soft and whilst it does encode the basic information (for example "J10132"), in the previous barcode I was able to encode the character $O which represented the F8 key.

This was Ideal because it told my program that the following "key strokes" were actually barcode-read information.
So my follow on question would be, do you know of a way in using the Han-soft barcode but incorporating the F8 keystroke into the barcode itself? (I have tried using the standard chr routines)
Richard_ClaytonAuthor Commented:
Having researched, I agree that Hansoft is the best suite that is available, however, relevent to me, it does not support special characters (F9 etc) - Thanks Ferruccio68 for the effort.
When you bought the Zorn software you recieved the source code. You have to change the string type to ansistring as barcodes don't work with double byte unicode strings. Recompile the software
and it should work. And call it with ansistrings.

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