Tabbed Bar Controller with RSS reader

I've created a Tabbed bar controller with 4 views. 3 of which are web views. I would like the 4th to be a RSS reader to pull info from the web. How do i associate the 4th tab bar item and make a RSS reader?

Has anyone made an app like this?
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pburns02Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Right, but with the first two you build them as a "navigation" based app. Mine has a tabbed bar controller on the bottom with 4 different tabs you view. see the picture for a visible example. I want to replace the Twitter tab with a RSS feed.

The only examples I find are from building a navigation based app. Not a tabbed bar controller with a RSS inside.
Few tutorials from the nice blogs:
iPhone SDK Tutorial: Build a Simple RSS reader for the iPhone

How to Build a Simple RSS Reader iPhone App

If it will be interesting:
iPhone SDK Tutorial: Build your very own Web Browser!
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