How to add hp laserjet 1200 printer to Windows 7 when USB not detected?

I want to add a HP Laserjet 1200 printer. The computer doesn't have a parallel port. I am using a parallel to USB adapter. Windows 7 is not detecting the printer when the USB cable is plugged in. Is there any way to add this older printer? This is for a customer of mine. I know it would be cheaper to buy a newer printer but he want to use this one. Any suggestions?
Maurice JacobsApplications AdminAsked:
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richardcardinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is the adapter being properly detected?

If so, download drivers from HP for your OS:

 If not, get the adapter working. What manufacturer/model is the adapter?

Second option is get a pci parallel port adapter. I would have to look to find one that is compatible with Win7 but they are around $25 & up.


According to the HP website, the 1200 has a USB port:

If the USB is not detected, better than using USB to parallel adaptors, it may be useful to diagnose the problem. Assuming the USB ports on the PC work correctly, try another cable, or try the printer on another computer.
i suggest to use a PCI to parallel port adapter card - they do work, when the adapter cables do not !
Maurice JacobsApplications AdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help. I went on client site yesterday. The   client has selected LPT1 port instead of USB port in the add printer wizard. Everything is working well.!!
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