How to Check a Referrer clicked at Organic or Paid Link?


I'm tracking referral information in database and I want to know what are special VARIABLES passed from Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines so that I can check that referral comes by clicking a SPONSOR LINK or NORMAL Link

If google/yahoo/bing then
- if Sponsor Link then set TYPE=paid
- if Normal Link then set type=organic


Keyword Variable = q
Sponsor Variable = ???

Keyword Variable = q
Sponsor Variable = ???


Keyword Variable = p
Sponsor Variable = ???

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The HTTP_REFERER won't tell you whether a sponsored link was clicked, because the sponsor links are simply redirects to the target site, and redirections do not alter the referrer. So you'll be seeing the URL for the search the user did, which will contain no information about what links they clicked.
ZeeshanArshadAuthor Commented:
So how do scripts or softwares determine Paid or Organic links in their tracking applications? Or they simply don't?
These references will help you out a lot

Yahoo Paid

MSN Paid

Universal search

With Google paid > Google analytics you would typically use autotagging, thus the data isn't available in public.

Google also has manual tagging


More details here

If you don't include the data in the destination URLs, there is nothing to really track.


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Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
If its your own paid advertising, then you could include your own parameter in the adverts URL...

Then check for that.
ZeeshanArshadAuthor Commented:
What I figured out is that, there is a "cts" variable in query string when a person arrives after clicking an AdWord link.

Perhaps, this is not true but practically I see this link in my tracking script.
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