Blackberry calendar has duplicate entries

This client has been running BES for about 2 years with no issues.  Last year sometime the owner (always happens) started getting duplicated appointments in his Outlook calendar.  The blackberry only shows 1 appointment, but outlook shows 2.  If you deleted 1 from outlook it deletes the appointment from the handheld.  The only errors I see in the logs are below.

I have tired:
      Wiping / activating
      Deleting user / wipe / activate
      Removing outlook add-ins
      Handheld OS reload
      This also happened in previous 4.1 BES.  5.0 was upgrade to make it go away

      Windows 2003 SBS, SP2 with Exchange 2003 SP2
      BES Express 5 (no clue how to get the new build version, but less than month)
      CDO 6.5.7654.12
      MAPI 6.5.7654.12


[40000] (04/06 14:29:17.468):{0x1858} RpcGetSubject is called. [CH=126213224, MH=115612176]
[40000] (04/06 14:29:17.468):{0x1858} RpcGetFirstAttachment is called. [CH=126213224, MH=115612176]
[40954] (04/06 14:29:17.468):{0x10DC} HTML email requires 1646 bytes for 889 bytes of plain text
[40391] (04/06 14:29:17.468):{0x10DC} {user@email} RefId=-475319910 references 0 image(s) (in 1646 bytes of body) 0 from MB, 0 from cache, 0 failed. 0 images (0 bytes) pushed, 0 images (0 bytes) cached
[30081] (04/06 14:29:17.468):{0x10DC} {user@email} Sending message to device, size=926, EntryId=498400, RefId=-475319910, TransactionId=-876905101, Tag=11697
[40279] (04/06 14:29:17.468):{0x10DC} {user@email} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=11697
[40000] (04/06 14:29:17.468):{0x1A30} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=11697
[30000] (04/06 14:29:18.280):{0x1C4C} {user@email}-DoCalendarPacketProcessing-Tag=498396 Send calendar optimization packet to device

this line was odd cause it showed username not email.
[40000] (04/06 14:29:18.280):{0x1C4C} {username}-GetAndCheckProperties- Returned Property PR_START_DATETIME is invalid, PR_SOURCE_KEY is E0CBE8C58CD27942ADBA4A9C7EF1E2F400001AE8777F

Here are the only fails
[40000] (04/06 14:29:18.280):{0x1C4C} {user@email}-GetRIMCalendar- GetAndCheckProperties failed Entry tag =498396
[40000] (04/06 14:29:18.280):{0x1C4C} {user@email}-CalendarPacketProcessOptimization- GetRIMCalendar() failed error=1 EntryID=498396

[40000] (04/06 14:29:18.905):{0xCA0} [BIPP] Received status DELIVERED, Tag=11695
[30066] (04/06 14:29:18.999):{0x234C} Total Msgs Pending 2
[40000] (04/06 14:29:19.874):{0xCA0} [BIPP] Received status DELIVERED, Tag=11696
[30066] (04/06 14:29:19.952):{0x10DC} Total Msgs Pending 1
[40000] (04/06 14:29:20.749):{0xCA0} [BIPP] Received status DELIVERED, Tag=11697
[30097] (04/06 14:29:20.749):{0x1C4C} {user@email} Message has been delivered to device, Tag=11697, EntryId=498400
[30066] (04/06 14:29:21.187):{0x1C4C} Total Msgs Pending 0
[40423] (04/06 14:29:29.765):{0x111C} {user@email} Queuing new mail through notification (external). EntryId=498406
[40724] (04/06 14:29:29.765):{0x234C} {user@email} Get record key for this MAPI object, EntryId=498406
[40435] (04/06 14:29:29.765):{0x234C} {user@email} Queuing new mail through notification. EntryId=498406. Msgs Pending 0
[30085] (04/06 14:29:30.312):{0x234C} {user@email} New mail has arrived, EntryId=498406
[40287] (04/06 14:29:38.109):{0x234C} {user@email} Queuing message, RefId=-1843551713, EntryId=498406, Posted=04/06 14:29:26, Delivered=04/06 14:29:27
[30066] (04/06 14:29:38.109):{0x234C} Total Msgs Pending 1
[30066] (04/06 14:29:38.546):{0x10D8} Total Msgs Pending 2
[40000] (04/06 14:29:38.624):{0x1858} RpcGetSubject is called. [CH=126213224, MH=115612176]
[40000] (04/06 14:29:38.624):{0x1858} RpcGetFirstAttachment is called. [CH=126213224, MH=115612176]
[40000] (04/06 14:29:38.624):{0x1858} RpcGetAttachmentInfoW is called. [CH=126213224, MH=115612176, AH=115799424]
[40000] (04/06 14:29:38.624):{0x1858} RpcAddAttachmentAvailableConversion is called. [CH=126213224, MH=115612176, AH=115799424]
[40000] (04/06 14:29:38.624):{0x1858} RpcGetNextAttachment is called. [CH=126213224, MH=115612176]
[30081] (04/06 14:29:38.624):{0x1C70} {user@email} Sending message to device, size=308, EntryId=498406, RefId=-1843551713, TransactionId=-876905100, Tag=11698
[40279] (04/06 14:29:38.624):{0x1C70} {user@email} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=11698
[40000] (04/06 14:29:38.624):{0x1A30} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=11698
[40000] (04/06 14:29:38.656):{0x1858} RpcGetSubject is called. [CH=15503352, MH=128214616]
[40000] (04/06 14:29:38.656):{0x1858} RpcGetFirstAttachment is called. [CH=15503352, MH=128214616]
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bulletgroupAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but those don't apply or did not work.
Craig BowmanIT Services ManagerCommented:
what version of office is the client running?
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

Do you see the duplicated appointments in his Calendar if you log in via OWA, or do they only show up in Outlook?
Also, is the user running in Cached Mode in Outlook?  If so, deleting his OST and allowing Outlook to create a new one could resolve the problem.
This is known issue with Blackberry. They have confirmed that upgrading the Blackberry Manager resolves the issue. But its not so.

Check the article:
Duplicate calendar appointments in Microsoft Outlook :

In the Mail Agent logs on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, if the following is displayed then it 100% Blackberry is causing this issue

[40765] (03/25 09:07:11.316):{0x2330} {<user_name>@<organization>.com} MeetingTransactionCompleteHelper - MeetingTransferred failed for meeting with message RefId=-xxxxxxxxx

Where <user_name>@<organization>.com is the email address of the affected BlackBerry smartphone user.

Check the Event log 40765 in the mail agent logs on BES server
bulletgroupAuthor Commented:
cbowman > Outlook 2007 sp2

icephyre > both OWA and outlook

Ashishkpandey >  You are 100% right about all of the errors, except I am on BES 5.0 .
  I am trying to find the fix for this for 5.0
Well in this scenario we do not have any fix which is available on the website or any blogs. Please check with RIM regarding the same.
bulletgroupAuthor Commented:
This issue turned out to be unrelated to Blackberry.  After opening tickets with both RIM and MS.  It was determined that the user profile inside of exchange was bad in some fashion.  Completely deleting the user in AD and recreating fixed it.

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