Red Hat 4.8: how to find out last server update?

Hello Experts,

what commands do I need to find out the last server update? what it was and when...

Thank you
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JordanH155Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can try running: "cat /var/log/messages* | grep up2date"

That should show you when the last time up2date was run and what was installed.  I don't have a Redhat 4.x server to try it on at the moment though, all I have is 5.x which uses yum instead of up2date.
deepak_iqConnect With a Mentor Commented:


There are two directories in /var/spool :


When you run up2date, it installs all the new rpm's in 1st directory. While it is installing or upgrading, it keeps the original ones in 2nd (if later, roll back is required).

Thus in general, one good way to find when was the last time up2date was run is to do:

#ls -ld /var/spool/up2date

This will give you the time it was last modified

And also, you can do:
# cd /var/spool/up2date
#ls -alrt

Thus the last package date will clearly tell you the time when up2date was run.

Hope this is what you were looking for.
epifanio67Author Commented:
Thank you so much experts
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